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Registration for the 2017 season is now open.

As we prepare for the 2017 season we wanted to remind you of the progress we are making across the organization and what we will add in 2017.

Safety:  As in the past, we will continue to emphasize concussion protocol that is consistent with best practices in youth sports.  Recall, in 2015 we introduced King-Devick to provide a consistent and proven program for baselining and return to play protocol.  We continued that effort in 2016 and we will continue to evolve our program to include the latest technology in 2017.  We are committed to making the investments necessary to ensure we are best-in-class on concussion safety, including maintaining late-model helmet technology and maintaining rigorous standards on helmet reconditioning.

In 2016 we invested in several tools for coaches to not only teach proper techniques but also limit contact in practice.  This included two blocking sleds and tackling rings similar to those used in high school and college programs.  We will continue to investigate tools and techniques and educate coaches on the proper use of these programs to include safety at practice, as well as in games.

Additionally, we had an on-site trainer from Beacon Orthopedic at every home game during the 2016 season.  We will continue that practice and will look to further leverage that resource in 2017.

In 2017 we expanded the capacity of our Safety Director Board position and filled the position with a health care professional.  The Safety Director role will further enhance our safety programs, including expanded coaches training, additional on-site safety equipment, and improved coordination of our USA Football Heads Up program management.

2017 League Play: We will continue to participate in the GMYFC in 2017.  Additionally, we will continue pushing for progress in the American division to build on the successful additions made in 2016.  As you know, we partnered with other leagues to improve competitive play in both the National and American divisions and scheduled with 13 unique organizations in 2016.  This significantly improved the appropriate competition level in our American division while also offering at least 7 unique opponents, which was a major goal coming out of the 2016 season.  We will continue to spend significant time working with not only the GMYFC but also the other leagues to ensure we are getting the appropriate level of competition for our American teams.  We are committed to continued improvement and will once again plan to hold meetings in the month of February to gather insight from parents and answer any questions that exist. 

The Long Green Line: We will continue to partner with our High School Program to strengthen the bond between the Big and Little Comets in Mason.  We will again participate in MYF Night where all players and cheerleaders will be able to participate in an on-field activity before the game.  We will also participate in our weekly Team of the Week where players are recognized in the locker room in front of the varsity.  Finally, we will continue to partner with the High School program in a mentorship program where varsity players are assigned to each MYF team and will be engaged with them in practice and games when time permits.

Registration: For 2017, we have made some updates to our fee structure.  These changes will allow us to continue to provide high-quality equipment, additional training for all of our coaches, and support our volunteer efforts where additional efforts are needed.

Base Fee: The base fee for the season will be $150.  Last year we included a discount towards the purchase of integrated pants and we are rolling that discount into the base fee.  We will continue to offer integrated pants or girdles at great rates and will make that offer available during registration.  We will still provide knee pads should you choose to purchase an integrated girdle that does not include knee pads.

Refundable Volunteer Fee ($35): Similar to 2016, we will need assistance this year running weekly concessions.  The $35 fee will be collected during registration, but opportunities will be provided throughout the year to earn a refund by volunteering.  After volunteering 6 hours throughout the season, the $35 will be refunded to you.  Additional opportunities will exist for teams to earn funds for their team through volunteering.  This program was very successful in 2016 and we look forward to expanding it in 2017.

Early Registration Discount ($25):  All paid registrations through Sunday 3/5/17 will receive a $25 discount and be entered to win a gaming console (Xbox, Playstation, or WiiU) or Chromebook.

Additional Discounts:  As in the past, families with multiple children in MYF will receive discounts.  Additionally, we are expanding our Kindergartner discount program and further reducing first-year fees – see website for more details.

2017 Fee Example:

  • $150 (base fee) + $35 (volunteer fee) = $185
  • $185 - $25 (early bird discount) = $160
  • $160 - $35 (volunteer fee refund) = $125 (fees paid if all discounts available are used)




Mason Youth Football

Our goal is to teach each player the fundamentals of the game with a strong emphasis on having fun, integrity, respect, confidence, and teamwork.  We will prepare your kids to succeed by developing the skills of every player on the team.  We expect our players to display leadership, self-confidence, sportsmanship, and friendship.  The character they develop on the field will benefit them off the field after the season.




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